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  • Chateau de Bagnac

    A beautiful if somewhat forgotten chateau based in the Haute-Vienne. This XIXth century chateau unique in style seems to be at risk to being just a lost piece of history destined for viewing in only future books or the internet.
    pictures from our 2008/2009 visits - bagnac into 2010 - revisited 2011
  • Oradour-sur-Glane - Village Martyr

    Once of busy town on the old main train route leaving Limoges, itself along with many others suffered during WW2 at the hands of german forces, this one now a memorial to those 600+ lost in this small town alone.

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  • Wattelez - Limoges

    Whilst industry's come and go, what they give to us in return could be of more a big deal than we originally may think, this site abandoned for more than 20 years, is classed as one of the most polluted sites in the Haute-Vienne.

    read more - revisited 2012
  • Eglise Notre-Dame du Bon Secours

    Beautiful Church ruin based in the Haute-Vienne, which sits on the 730m summit of Mont Gargan.

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  • Cite Fortifiee de Carcassonne

    A city which for many years time had forgot and once was earmarked for demolition.

    read more - revisited 2011
  • Abandoned Hamlet of Courbefy

    Habited up until the 1970's attempts were made to turn this hamlet into a holiday park, sadly it failed.

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  • Abandoned Baths of Sylvanes

    It is said that baths have been in this location since the Romans, these buildings dating from the XVIIth/XVIIIth century, show of great times since lost.

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  • Le Toit de Chaume

    As you approach you can smell the aroma of food cooking on the open chargrille fire, book a room, maybe even have a go in the swimming pool. Does the Highway sitting next to this old building tell us it killed the dream for the owners of this establishment.

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  • Cite de l'Automobile - The Schlumpf Collection

    The biggest car museum in Europe housing over 500 cars and houses what is known as the largest collection of Bugatti's anywhere in the world, and to top it off it at one stage this was all abandoned. click read more to learn the magnificent history of this museum and its creators.

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