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Beaulieu Estate


Beaulieu Palace House, XIIIth century, XVIth century, and again in the XIXth century, Beaulieu Abbey, a Cistercian abbey, founded in 1203-1204 by King John, destroyed 1538 after the Dissolution of the Monasteries, National Motor Museum, founded in 1952, several attractions on Lord Montagu's estate that been the ancestral home of the Montagu family since 1538.

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Isle of Wight
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Atherfield Bay Holiday Camp


This site first opened its doors in 1935, It was updated in the 1960's, before finally closing its doors to the public in 2007.

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Brading Roman Villa


Roman 2nd Augusta Legion under Vespasian conquered the Isle of Wight in 44CE. The first simple villa dates from the mid-1st century but, over the next hundred years, it developed into a large and impressive stone-built villa around three sides of a central courtyard. Its luxurious rooms contained many fine Roman mosaics.

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Carisbrooke Castle


Originally the site of a motte and bailey castle, it is best known as the place where King Charles I was imprisoned, the existence of a ruined wall suggests that there was a building there in late Roman times, Updated many times over the years, 1896–1944, it was the home of Princess Beatrice, daughter of Queen Victoria

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