Location - Mortemart
Department - Haute-Vienne 87
State - Chateau/Church/Townview

Chateau des Ducs (XVth century), Eglise des Augustins (XIIIth century rebuilt XVth), Le couvent (convent) des Carmes (XVIIth century), Maison du Senechal - XVIth century
The seigneurie de Mortemart exists before the village is developed around the old feudal mound (then) a castle of stone built in 995 by the seigneurie de (lord of) Mortemart. .
The chateau is destroyed in the XIVth century by the English. another is built but in a different location, then dismantled on order of Louis XIII. It remains in ruin at the beginning of the XXth century.
The domaine des Mortemart passes by marriage into the famille des Rochechouart in 1205.
In 1330, The cardinal Pierre Gauvain, native of the village, changed totally the visage of Mortemart. he founded 3 monastery's : les Augustins, les Carmes and les Chartreux (today disappeared), a hotel? and a college. today although the religion has since left Mortemart its religious buildings still remain.

Maison du Senechal

Le couvent (convent) des Carmes

Chateau des Ducs

Eglise des Augustins

Halle a Mortemart - XVIIIth century