Hello and firstly a warm welcome to Abandoned-France.
My name is John and this website you are currently viewing is my personal website, mostly dedicated to my visits around the regions of France looking for different chateaus/abbeys from show winning to complete ruins and other buildings left in a state of abandonment, their is nothing more exciting than finding an old building left after many years of neglect but from the moment you enter, you can feel it's warmth and read into the story that the four walls are trying to share..

I have put a lot of hard work into finding the places you'll see listed on this site, some found on the days of travels, others after a few weeks of careful research before finally investigating further, all I can recommend is to seek out these beautiful places and enjoy them (remember to seek permission or pay moneys first…), before all they become is a another part of forgotten french history.

The Ruined Church of Mont Gargan

The Four key symbols making this site a easier place to understand.

Abandoned/UnknownAbandoned/UnknownAbandoned/Unknown Abandoned or Unknown History Abandoned/UnknownAbandoned/UnknownAbandoned/Unknown

Fee RequiredFee RequiredFee Required A fee will be required to enter this establishment Fee RequiredFee Required

Free EntranceFee Required Free Entry Free EntranceFree Entrance

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Where I live is a sleepy old place, kind of forgotten, kind of falling down…

Our humble little restoration project.

Please enjoy my humble site and for any queries, then feel free to contact me on info@abandoned-france.org

John (Admin & Webmaster)