A lot of the information regarding history for the places that I have visited has been sourced via these websites,
The others are just some of the great websites on the internet, who share a passion like I do.
Partner Links are always welcome
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Chateaux de France - Montjoye.net.


World of Ruins.


Blek le Rat Website.


Passion Chateaux.


Grand Sites Ariege.

Blog dedicated to the Chateau de Bagnac.

Castle Maniac.

Mantaille.fr Archeologie, Histoire, Decouvertes, en Nord Drome.


Medievalists.net - Where the Middle Ages Begins.

28 Days Later.

Urban Exploration Resource.

Derelict Places.

Rotten Places 'German'.

Vergessene-Geschichte 'German'.

Luftschutz Bunker 'German'.


Lost Places Morgane-le-fay.com 'German'.

Caroline Ludovici - teen adventures based on history and archaeology.

The Urban Abandonment Projekt - Scotland.

Facebook Pages

Forgotten Photography (Ireland).

Jerry Brodrick Photography (Metz).

Other Sources of Local Interest

Etcetera online. Web based version of the free monthly paper publication. Based in the Poitou-Charente.

Under the Lime Tree. Vegetarian B&B Based in the Charente.

Frenchentree. Expatriate forum based in the UK aimed towards expats in France .

Partner Sites/Sites Partenaires

Reibaud.com. Producteur d'artistes et Organisateur d'événements.

Dépannage Informatique Paris