Name - Abbaye de la Reau
Location - Saint-Martin-l'Ars
Department - Vienne 86
Free Entrance
State - Abbey Ruin

L'abbaye Notre-Dame de la Reau was founded in the XIIth century by the clergy of Saint-Augustin, it is in the Vienne Region (Dept 86). It is listed as having sixteen priories in 1219. Burned down by the English in 1327, it was strengthened at the time of the Reform. In 1531 it is overun by Antoine de Guillerville who drives out the monks. In 1653 the reform of the genovefains is introduced and the beginnings of the repair work are undertaken.


They take place with the change of buildings, for the tests of restoration and finally two wings are shaven and the remainder restored under the prior Fran?ois Henin. It is skirted to the east by Clain and north by a broad ditch crossed by two drawbridges on posterns. The church is in cross with almost square vaults. Its angles are provided with crowned watch towers of machicolation. Two round towers reinforce the angles of the enclosure. The bell-tower of the church crumbled in the XXth century. It was octagonal. It was classified as a historic building in 1941.