Name - Chateau de Bagnac
Location - Saint-Bonnet-de-Bellac
Department - Haute-Vienne 87
State - Chateau Ruin

The current chateau as she sits today, it is situated in the Haute Vienne, Dept 87.
The only part of the chateau which dates from XIVth century is the big tower of the chateau, capped with a very steep roof during the rebuilding of the chateau this currently holds the old bedrooms and the cave.


Let us note that this chateau was entirely rebuilt because at the beginning, the Marquis and the Marchioness de Bagnac did not intend to rebuild it but to just restore it.


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However what seemed to be a restoration passed to a rebuilding project after 1875. The Chateau remained nothing more than a building site for more than 25 years and The Bagnac Family absorbed insane sums of money into their project.

The Marquis and the Marchioness de Bagnac had envisaged a room intended for the Comte de Chambord. A balcony opens into its room in the church above so that the attendee can attend the mass. But the Comte de Chambord never came to Bagnac.
Others should be well be ashamed : plundering of the stones, the woodwork and the sculptures by visitors, as well as the stones thrown at the stained glass windows.
Please Respect the Chateau de Bagnac....

These photos are from my 2008 and 2009 visits to the castle.

Inside the Chapel

Inside the Chateau

The Cave

Chambre (Bedroom)

Tower 1

Port du Entree (Entrance)

Tower 2

Views from Tower into Main House

Looking towards the Original Limestone stairs


Tower 3

Pigeon House

This chateau is unique with its gothic style in the Haute-Vienne and a real shame to be disappearing, all i need is a lottery win....
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