Name - Hotel/Restaurant de Courbefy
Location - Courbefy
Department - Haute-Vienne 87
State - Abandoned Holiday Village

as seen in the newspapers....
Hamlet of old with its XIIth century chateau (in ruins) and its XIIIth century chapel, a village of but afew houses and barns suffers harsh times and by 1970 everyone leaves, during the 1990's its purchased and transformed at huge cost into a holiday village but fails and in 2008 (some reports say the company went under in 2005) it was then abandoned, it is now the property of Credit Agricole it was offered on the market for a swift 300,000 euros...
has someone saved the forgotten village of Courbefy....
(personally i'd knock all the terrible new builds down and keep the old houses and make it a habitable village again..)

Articles about this small hamlet

EN - French village complete with stables/tennis-courts/swimming-pool
FR - hameau de courbefy village fantome a vendre

Updated - After originally failing to sell the abandoned hamlet of Courbefy in France's Massif Central, It was auctioned again and this time it was purchased for 520,000 euros by a South Korean artist who lives in the USA. The deserted site had been repossessed by a bank after its owner accumulated over 650,000 euros in debt.