Name - Wattelez
Location - Palais sur Vienne
Department - Haute-Vienne 87
State - Industrial Ruin

1939 - Company Established
May 1943 : Sabotage of the Wattelez factory in Palais sur Vienne during WW2
Two researchers of which one was from Limoges published a report on the sites polluted in France. In the Limousin, the principal sites are indexed of which Wattelez in the north of the department. remain at the top, their are said to be 7000 sites in the limousin that are potentially polluted.


From 1939 to 1989, S.A. Wattelez exploited used this site for the work of rubber regeneration.
In 1989, it is sold to EURECA.
In 1991, The company EURECA files for bankruptcy and it is put in liquidation. Rubber stocks (mainly pneumatic) are present on grounds covering a total surface of approximately 20 ha. and there still remains a legal battle with the current owners over its clean up
There have been three big fires (1990/2/3) at the factory during its abandonment.

Leading on from our first visit we revsited to see how the old place is fairing up.