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Remember : Take only pictures, leave only footprints - Website Established : 24/12/2009

Please Note, this website is constantly updated and subject to change at any time
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08/05/2013 - Automotive Section, Revised and Updated.

07/05/2013 - Demo withdrawn, Updated version of site now active.

05/05/2013 - Demo verion of site goes online.

03/05/2013 - Added the AFE Snippets Page, for non catagorised items.

03/05/2013 - Last preps before new site goes live.

28/04/2013 - RSS Feed now added.

04/2013 - Community Forum now added.

04/2013 - V2.2 more new pages, pages now into catagories, Ruins, Industrial, Chateaux, Roman Ruins, Churches and Church Ruins and Random (Townviews etc), See also - History, Blueprints.

03/2013 - V2.1 more new pages, some bits for page sharing, new site as of yet not live.

03/2013 - Facebook page reaches 2000 likes.

06/11/2012 - Added more pages, some were seen to have been deadlnked these have been readded, found afew more errors? now resolved, have now begun adding afew links to the links page feel free to send me yours :)

01/11/2012 - V2 as a standalone website returns, lots of new content, lots still be to added.


10/2012 - The site designed to keep all my photos togther grows to such an extend it needs splitting in 2, so the return of the simple but effective HTML site is inevitable.

10/2012 - Returning to the Herault but also checking the sites still not visited in the Aude namely Queribus.

05/2012 - A trip to Paris to visit its world famous chateaux, and the long way home.

02-12/2011 - New Site goes live, 5,000+ images over 700 pages for your viewing pleasure.

11/2011 - A screw-up and a new name, Well my webhosts changed servers and broke my joolma based site, i decided this was a good time to have a sort out and changed afew things, the site is now HTML driven, no tricks, gadgets or fancy stuff, just the things you like, photos.. and the name Franco-Oldtimers, I felt did not do this website much justice so from the 01/12/2011 the site was renamed Abandoned-France.

10/2011 - October saw us travelling to the north east of france to visit the beautiful Alsace region, famed for having more chateaux than anywhere else in france, off we went, for those who have never been we would certainly recommend it, As well as visiting the home of Bugatti it also gave us the chance to check out the stunning Schumph Collection, these pictures can be found on our facebook page.

09/2011 - September saw us return to the stunning Aude and Ariege to sort a little unfinished business, a revisited of carcassonne (a fortified city of world heritage status). and other sites of historical interest.


What is this site about - Abandonment, Ruins, Historical Places we may have passed, I like to find the tiny bits of France others may have forgotten.
Although I try carefully to make sure that the history you read on this site is right, do also note a lot of this was in French and has been self translated so may (actually better make that will) contain afew errors, no offence is meant by this and if the error is pointed out I will gladly amend any pages.
Exploration can be dangerous even deadly, respect the environment and enjoy the ambiance it offers, remember although exploration isn't a crime, theft & criminal damage is.. so please treat these places with respect.