Snippets Page

With all these Blogs/Twitter/Facebook/Google+, It just gets so completely complicated, I like it simple.
Some i'll keep these here, random shots not catagorized but may do one day as stuff is updated :)

Entry No-149
13 May 2013
Random Shot. - in Chateauponsac, Haute-Vienne.
Entry No-148
13 May 2013
Abandoned Farmhouse. - in Chateauponsac, Haute-Vienne.
Entry No-147
5 May 2013
Porsche 356 Diorama model. - in Fairyland.
Entry No-146
5 May 2013
Wallpaper. - at Chateau de Jovelle, Dordogne.
Entry No-145
26 April 2013
Another car i made. - in Fairyland.
Entry No-144
26 April 2013
My Hobby :) - in Fairyland.
Entry No-143
26 April 2013
Old Peugeot 404. - in Confolens, Charente.
Entry No-142
16 April 2013
Umm no windows or doors, needs further investigation. - in Bourdeilles, Dordogne.
Entry No-141
05 April 2013
Chateau de Javerlhac, XVth century — at Javerlhac et la Chapelle Saint Robert, Dordogne.
Entry No-140
05 April 2013
Chateau de Javerlhac, XVth century — at Javerlhac et la Chapelle Saint Robert, Dordogne.
Entry No-139
31 March 2013
Musee de la Ferblanterie — at La Tour-Blanche, Dordogne.
Entry No-138
30 March 2013
Wonkey Chimney Detail.
Entry No-137
30 March 2013
Wonkey Chimney.
Entry No-136
29 March 2013
l'eglise — in Saint-Mathieu, Haute-Vienne.
Entry No-135
29 March 2013
what a handsome little fellow :D - at Chateau de la Cote in Biras, Dordogne.
Entry No-134
21 March 2013
not my usual thing but - in Pressignac, Charente.
Entry No-133
21 March 2013
ummm.... some twisted people about these days lol - in Pressignac, Charente.
Entry No-132
18 March 2013
Chateau de Richemont, constructed in 1564 by Pierre de Bourdeille — in Saint-Crepin-de-Richemont, Dordogne.
Entry No-131
17 March 2013
Unknown taken on the Correze/Auvergne Border, Can you name it?.
Entry No-130
17 March 2013
Abandoned Factory — in Vic-le-Comte, Puy de Dome.
Entry No-129
17 March 2013
Chateau De Seymier - of the XVIth and the XVIIIth century, Fran็ois-Gaspard de Montmorin repairs the feudal Castle probably to receive Louis XV in 1740. The Tower was redesigned in the 19th century in the troubadour style. At the foot of this tower of the XVth century lies the Chateau of the 18th century that was ruined by a fire in 1927. — in Fayet-le-Chateau, Puy de Dome.
Entry No-128
17 March 2013
Just a random image — in Miremont, Puy de Dome.
Entry No-127
17 March 2013
Chateau de Montaigut le Blanc built in the XIIth century, It is now a Hotel — in Montaigut-le-Blanc, Puy de Dome.
Entry No-126
17 March 2013
Tour de Croizat believed to be the only part remaining of the Chateau de Croizat built in 1220 — in Saint-Jean-des-Ollieres, Puy de Dome.
Entry No-125
17 March 2013
Random Doorway — in Champeix, Puy de Dome.
Entry No-124
17 March 2013
The Hotel des Pins sits directly behind the Abandoned Hotel that i shared photos of last week, although i'm sure they belong together as this hotel is built in a very similar fashion - in Murol, Puy de Dome.
Entry No-123
17 March 2013
Maison de notaire called the Tour Choriol, Built in 1584, presumably for the sieur Choriol, royal notary (the Choriol are notaries in Eygurande at the end of the 16th century until 1846) — in Eygurande, Correze.
Entry No-122
17 March 2013
The Eglise de Cognac-la-Foret (12th, 13th and 15th centuries), previously Chapel of the Chateau, shows the coat of arms of the old Lords on its arch. — at Cognac La Foret., Haute-Vienne.
Entry No-121
17 March 2013
just a random image whilst i empty my SD card — at Cognac La Foret, Haute-Vienne.
Entry No-120
11 March 2013
Out at the crack of dawn stood up high on the volcanic peak in Usson at 8.30am, this was the view, clouds up high, mist down below and the snowy mountains just ahead, breathtaking — in Usson, Puy-de-Dome.
Entry No-119
11 March 2013
Our old Passat, it takes us every where, its knocking on over 580,000 kms, everytime we take it on holiday it breaks (turbo in the alsace, split water pipe in the aude first time, alternator on the second trip) this time was good as gold, yes thats it in the bottom left from afew hundred feet up. — at Chapelle Notre-Dame de la Salette, in Billom, Puy-de-Dome.
Entry No-118
11 March 2013
The heights we go to :D — at Chapelle Notre-Dame de la Salette, in Billom, Puy-de-Dome.
Entry No-117
20 February 2013
The final shot of the night as darkness draws in (sniff), we just drove past this garage and had to shoot it :D — in Chatillon-sur-Thouet, Deux-Sevres.
Entry No-116
20 February 2013
Chateau de Tennessus, A Tower is mentioned here as early as 1404, the castle was modified through the XIVth/XVth/XVIIth and XVIIIth century, earmarked for destruction after the revolution, nobody executed the sentence and it survives today as a Bed and Breakfast.
Entry No-115
20 February 2013
Beautiful long, old brick oven long since last used.
Entry No-114
27 January 2013
Maybe a little reading on this cold/wet and miserable sunday.. you cant beat a real book. - at Home
Entry No-113
25 January 2013
Fred taking a photo of Fred — with Fred Adams Photography.
Entry No-112
23 January 2013
An interesting building the Ancien Abatoire de Rochechouart (i actually went to try find an hidden 12th century abbey deep in the forest but after 2 hours we gave up..) The abatoire was built in 1911 and in 1970 it closed ts doors it is now just used as a farmers hanger, i love its look.
Entry No-111
10 January 2013
Chateau de Frugie, Built in the XVth and XVIth century, the successor to a medieval fortified chateau ravaged during the conflicts with the english. — in Saint-Pierre-de-Frugie, Dordogne.
Entry No-110
10 January 2013
Abandoned House, growing in well into the environment — in Saint-Pierre-de-Frugie, Dordogne.
Entry No-109
08 January 2013
Was thinking of you guys when passing this so stopped to grab a shot :D — in Vayres, Haute-Vienne.
Entry No-108
05 January 2013
Ruines of the Chateau de Marthon of the XIIth and XIIIth Century.
Entry No-107
03 January 2013
Exploration takes planning and my planning for our holiday in september starts here :D
Entry No-106
31 December 2012
Merry Christmas :D :D
Entry No-105
25 December 2012
Thank you Sue and Rob, what better way to celebrate christmas than with a XIVth century style beer :D :D
Entry No-104
12 December 2012
Perigueux this evening.
Entry No-103
09 December 2012
The Chateau de la Riviere, Unknown Origin — in Champagnac-la-Riviere, Haute-Vienne.
Entry No-102
09 December 2012
The Chateau d'Oche originally dates to the XVth century but was reconstructed at the end of the XIXth century into the castle we see today — in Saint-Priest-les-Fougeres, Dordogne.
Entry No-101
09 December 2012
The Chateau de Dussac in the Perigord, originally a castle stood here in the XIVth century but was destroyed during the french wars of religion, the castle was rebuilt in the 16th century on the same location and with the remains of a first castle. The ษglise Saint-Pierre-่s-Liens is believed to have been here since well before the chateau — in Dussac, Dordogne.
Entry No-100
08 December 2012
Not many of you know but my other hobby is my diorama :). - in Fairyland.
Entry No-99
23 November 2012
On the hunt via roman roads. - in Bors.
Entry No-98
13 October 2012
Says its all.
Entry No-97
13 October 2012
The stained glass window inside the chapel of the Chateau de Bagnac, abandoned since 1950 its remarkable it stays intact as there are no other windows left and the place is crumbling from under its feet.
Entry No-96
13 October 2012
A closer look at that window? (taken 2008) — with Chateau de Fougeret in Queaux, Vienne
Entry No-95
13 October 2012
Well least there isnt an ar*e sticking out of it. - at Chateau de Montaigut
Entry No-94
12 October 2012
Another of the abandoned tomb, quiet sad really.
Entry No-93
02 October 2012
Chateau de Cabezac - Unknown History but very pretty on its spot by the river. (La Cesse) — in Bize-Minervois, Aude.
Entry No-92
13 October 2012
One we passed on the way home :) Chateau de Canac, The site of an abandoned castle of the XVIIth Century (Oct 2012) — in Murat-sur-Vebre, Tarn.
Entry No-91
09 October 2012
Random edited picture of a burnt out house in the Aude (Oct 2012)
Entry No-90
22 September 2012
Once the first point of entry and the first appearance of a home, this gate looks a long time since last used, beautifully crafted, i can only wonder what lies behind it.
Entry No-89
04 September 2012
Ahh that little house in Le Peruse today it has virtually disappeared.
Entry No-88
31 August 2012
Logis de Boisbreteau, The square tower dates to the XVth century and is rare and quiet possibly unique in the charente of this style — in Rouillac, Charente.
Entry No-87
26 August 2012
But there was a pretty chateau attached.. yes called Chateau du Prat, history unknown — at Le Prat, Oradour-Saint-Genest.
Entry No-86
26 August 2012
Ecole de Prat - Prat School... somewhat lost in translation — at Le Prat, Oradour-Saint-Genest.
Entry No-85
12 August 2012
Chatelet d'entree at the Chateau d'Aubeterre rebuilt in the XVIth century although the chateau's rootes go back to the year 1004 — in Aubeterre-sur-Dronne, Charente.
Entry No-84
12 August 2012
Chateau de Montreal, It was built as a chateau in the 12th century and rebuilt in the 16th century. The Pontbriand family built the chateau in its current form. They also built the chapel Sainte-Epine, They modernized the double walls of the ramparts, which are very well preserved. and added the Renaissance style facade to the residence. — in Issac, Aquitaine.
Entry No-83
12 August 2012
Coat of Arms outside the Chateau de Montreal — in Issac, Aquitaine.
Entry No-82
12 August 2012
Busy day out for us lot at AFE HQ, lots of pics to come.
Entry No-81
10 August 2012
Domaine des Etangs, Hotel/Chateau of unknown origin — in Massignac.
Entry No-80
10 August 2012
Ohhh looks like a gateway, with a pigeonnier on the top, roof now gone, hope the owners don't let it collapse, judging by the stonework it was not cheaply made — in Echallat.
Entry No-79
10 August 2012
Not normally something you see around these parts so kinda cool - Moulin de la Pyramide — in Rouillac.
Entry No-78
05 August 2012
Who says cars are not living things, there was certainly things living on/in this old Peugeot 604.
Entry No-77
05 August 2012
saw this and thought of you all... — at St Leonard de Noblat.
Entry No-76
15 July 2012
So just on the off chance, whilst looking at their website, i book a reservation to go see the stunning chateau de la mercerie, i had heard that the mairie now has a 75 year lease on the chateau (in return for undertaking any works to safeguard the future of the chateau) anyway we went and it turns out we were the first 'paying' visitors to the chateau, pictures to follow.
Entry No-75
11 July 2012
another view of the Chateau de la Pouyade - Saint-Yrieix-sur-Charente.
Entry No-74
11 July 2012
Whilst looking at another chateau, i spotted this but a huge river (was in dense farmers fields lol) stopped me getting closer, but now identified i will return for some better pics (on full zoom and cropped so may be poorish quality), Chateau de la Pouyade - Saint-Yrieix-sur-Charente, The original nobleman's house was demolished for the building of the chateau in the XIIIth century, it is the local social center.
Entry No-73
11 July 2012
The Eglise Saint-Severe reconstructed between 1896 and 1898 — in Sainte-Severe, Charente.
Entry No-73
03 July 2012
Another Shot. Chateau de Taponnat dated 1679 — in Taponnat-Fleurignac.
Entry No-72
03 July 2012
passed here on the way home. Chateau de Taponnat dated 1679 — in Taponnat-Fleurignac.
Entry No-71
26 June 2012
The beautiful views of the Charente.
Entry No-70
24 June 2012
So i move away a little from these throwaway cameras with my first professional camera, its an old thing (Canon 300D) but as a first pro camera i thought i could smack this about abit, get used to how it works then progress to something better. in La Rochfoucauld
Entry No-69
12 June 2012
Founded by Alexandre Bisquit in 1819, the house of Bisquit, with its home at the Chateau de Ligneres by the banks of the Charente River, had a long-standing family tradition until the house was sold to Pernod Ricard in 1966. Said to have been among the favorite cognacs of Winston Churchill and King George IV, it is popular in the Anglo-Saxon countries and hence was bought by the South African group Distell in 2009. - in Rouilllac
Entry No-68
01 June 2012
Once someones pride and joy, its sad to see a house once it becomes like this.
Entry No-67
27 May 2012
Always seeking out the castles (taken at Disneyland Paris).
Entry No-66
27 May 2012
The one day that I decide to head into the center of Paris and what does it do, yep it rained, they could of however put one's car inside. - in Paris.
Entry No-65
19 May 2012
Couldnt get near it. Chateau de Semblancay? A fortresse of the Xth century - in Semblancay, Indre-et-Loire.
Entry No-64
27 May 2012
Not a real ruin, but from a set of Disneylandฎ Paris, cool none the less.
Entry No-63
22 April 2012
Although it may look tiny, its actually a 3 story house with a tower, private courtyard etc... would love a look around it lol — in Rochechouart.
Entry No-62
16 April 2012
Random one from today.... — in Chateau de Lavauguyon.
Entry No-61
15 April 2012
Eglise de Verneuil, of the XVth century — in Verneuil-sur-Vienne.
Entry No-60
15 April 2012
Pretty house in Aixe-sur-Vienne.
Entry No-60
12 April 2012
Another one of that tomb. — in Cheronnac.
Entry No-59
12 April 2012
Sometimes you pass something that catches your eye, in my case a somewhat abandoned tomb. — in Cheronnac.
Entry No-58
11 April 2012
The Eglise de Suris (Charente) originally dates to the XIIIth century — in Suris.
Entry No-57
02 April 2012
Out & About :o) - in Montbron.
Entry No-56
01 April 2012
The Eglise paroissiale Saint-Pierre เ Rougnac (Charente) dates to the XIIth and XVth century.
Entry No-55
01 April 2012
Chateau de Monchoix เ Rougnac (Charente) Only history known is that is was built around 1840.
Entry No-54
01 April 2012
The Nouvelle Eglise Saint-Pierre, built in 1924 using the stones from the ancient church who's frontage can still be seen. — in Le Lindois.
Entry No-53
28 March 2012
Another shot... underground cables are sooo necessary, they destroy the character of the building :( — in Ecuras.
Entry No-52
28 March 2012
Lovely church, shame about all the telephone and electric cables. — in Ecuras.
Entry No-51
28 March 2012
The last time that I encounted a cow it ran into the side of my car.
Entry No-50
27 March 2012
L'eglise paroissiale Saint-Jacques in Roussines (Charente) dates to the XIth and XIIth Century.
Entry No-49
27 March 2012
The Beautiful Le Vieux Logis, Massignac, Charente.
Entry No-48
26 March 2012
The River Vienne which flows through the small town of Chabanais (Charente).
Entry No-47
26 March 2012
Statue in the centre of Chabanais, featuring the Ex-President of France, Sadi Carnot, Who was born in Limoges 11th Aug 1837 and was assassinated in Lyon on 24th June 1894.
Entry No-46
14 March 2012
A nice day to explore.... — at Chateau de Peyras.
Entry No-45
14 March 2012
Abandoned House — at Lesignac-Durand.
Entry No-44
14 March 2012
Abandoned House — in Roumazieres.
Entry No-43
09 March 2012
Chateau de Thauzac — in Massignac.
Entry No-42
06 March 2012
This little old place has become abit overgrown. — in Saint-Junien..
Entry No-41
06 March 2012
Out and about exploring.... well its a nice day.. — in Saint-Junien.
Entry No-40
03 March 2012
well imagine that, here i am just getting into the car on an abandoned road on a overgrown site in the middle of no-where when i saw this little flash in my eye, which was this badge sat on the ground in front of me, abit of googling reveals that in August 1991, His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave teachings in the Dordogne... wow now hows that for a find.. — in Thiviers.
Entry No-39
17 February 2012
My little car outside the Eglise de Massignac (Charente).
Entry No-38
09 February 2012
Cold weather in france means no exploration, grrr.... but at least the sun is shining....
Entry No-37
24 January 2012
Peugeot 205 GTI rests outside the back of a Peugeot dealer.
Entry No-36
24 January 2012
Could almost be the 1920's, in Saint-Mathieu
Entry No-35
24 January 2012
The Mairie (Townhall) building in Saint-Mathieu in the Haute-Vienne.
Entry No-34
23 January 2012
St Bonnet de Bellac - wall signwriting, advertising then was an art.
Entry No-33
23 January 2012
Unknown location...
Entry No-32
23 January 2012
Oradour sur Vayres - Chateau de Callandreau (although for some strange reason its has lost its castle name and is more commonly called the Hotel de Ville).
Entry No-31
16 January 2012
Hotel de Ville, Chasseneuil-sur-Bonnieure (Charente).
Entry No-30
16 January 2012
The Chateau de Sansac in Beaulieu-sur-Sonnette (Charente) dates to the 15th century built during the French Renaissance period.
Entry No-29
15 January 2012
Angouleme, a popular town know for its comics strips and art college, also houses some splendid wall art like this piece on the side of a house.
Entry No-28
15 January 2012
Eglise de Genouillac (Charente) unknown date of construction.
Entry No-27
13 January 2012
My little car outside the Chateau de Cromieres.
Entry No-26
10 January 2012
The Eglise de Salon la Tour (Correze)
Entry No-25
10 January 2012
Family tombs which commonly date back hundreds of years (Ruffec, Charente)
Entry No-24
10 January 2012
Tour de Pujols in Villeneuve sur Lot, Lot et Garonne
Entry No-23
10 January 2012
Taken somewhere in the Creuse, love it <3
Entry No-22
09 January 2012
We were there - My girls outside the Chateau du Mas-Cerise
Entry No-21
05 January 2012
War Memorial in Chasseneuil-sur-Bonnieure
Entry No-20
03 January 2012
A view from above showing the Wattelez site, the black dots are used tyre piles polluting the site from all angles :( make a great car museum/photoshot location, they should let me have the place :o)
Entry No-19
14 December 2012
Another one conquered and rest :D
Entry No-18
14 December 2012
Alot of old castles featured a door high up the tower to make gaining access alot harder for those trying to besiege it.... luckily this one had stairs.
Entry No-17
14 December 2012
I personally love the fact that kings and queen (could have) sat here.... as do my girls.
Entry No-16
14 December 2012
Patiently waiting...
Entry No-15
12 December 2012
The logo of my facebook page, taken at the Chateau de Carcassonne in the Aude department, I so want a copy of this :o)
Entry No-14
12 December 2012
And why take the kids all the way and not let them get involved, we always think some shots need a head in view lol... picture taken in the prehistoric cave situated under the Chateau de Commarque, looking at the Chateau de Laussel.
Entry No-13
12 December 2012
Kids are alot stronger than we give them credit for, this photo take at the top of Montsegur a summit of 1207m
Entry No-12
12 December 2012
The beautiful Chateau de Brie (Champagnac-la-Rivi่re)
Entry No-12
12 December 2012
surrounded by duel carriageways, this tiny church that we spotted in the Aude no longer looks a place for worship, i hope its doesnt spell the end.. D6113, Pezens, Aude
Entry No-11
10 December 2012
car and castle... my 2 favourite things
Entry No-10
09 December 2012
that'll be the Aude again..
Entry No-9
09 December 2012
On the wall at the local play center :o)
Entry No-8
06 December 2012
Can you get more Urban
Entry No-7
06 December 2012
My little car did 350+ kms today, good girl
Entry No-6
04 December 2012
Taken in Perigueux
Entry No-5
04 December 2012
Wonky Chimney
Entry No-4
04 December 2012
Epic... sadly we missed it :o)
Entry No-3
04 December 2012
Empty Garage somewhere in the Alsace
Entry No-2
04 December 2012
The Road of Rock and Roll, taken in the Aude department again...
Entry No-1
04 December 2012
My aim is to now add some stuff or random's, if you like, of photos that are not on the other pages, this was taken in the Aude department on a house in Olonzac...